All sales and services can be paid for by credit card or Paypal. After your radio/order is received, an Invoice will be emailed to you. All Invoices can be securely paid online using PAYPAL. You do NOT need a Paypal account to pay the invoice- your credit card can be used. All invoices must be paid before service will begin. If you are uncomfortable paying by online service, please contact us for options.

Shipping your radio for Service.

DO NOT include knobs, backrings, mounting hardware or dash bezels with the radio to avoid possible loss. The only Exception is if you have a feder control which has wires or electrical terminals coming from it.

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If you are ready to ship your radio to us for service, Please pack it safely paying close attention to protect shafts and cosmetics, include the completed order form and ship it to:

Joe's Classic Car Radio

201 Woodbluff Rd.

Laurens, SC 29360

We are VERY busy so Turn around time ESTIMATE is 4 to 6 months. THIS IS AN ESTIMATE based on current workload and actual turn around time could vary. Please email for more information



We have all seen the news stories of Shipping mishandling or even received a package that looks like it was hit by a truck. No matter which shipping serivce your use, They are NOT going to be gentle with your radio when you ship it. it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY that you package your radio VERY CAREFULLY! Even if your radio is insured, the shipper rarely takes responsibility for the damage and when they do, they will pay you the insured value BUT WILL CONFISCATE YOUR RADIO. Then you will need to find a new one.

The best way to pack your radio is Bubble Wrap. Remove any knobs/ backrings, bezels and mounting hardware and keep them with you- We do not need them for the service. Wrap the radio with multiple layers of bubble wrap- The more, the better. You need to protect the volume and tuning shafts! Rolling up a length of bubble wrap basically into a tube about 3 inches thick and tape this tube across the front of the radio lengthwise. Now prepare the box. The box should be large enought to allow approx. 2 to 3 inches of space arounsd the radio in all directions. Fill the bottom of the box with packing material (bubble wrap, or packing peanuts) and then set the radio down into the box on top of the material. You now need to fill the gaps on the sides of the radio TIGHTLY! If using packing peanuts, press the peanuts down arouns the radio tightly with yoru hands. Once the sides are filled, then fill the rest of the box. Again if using packing peanuts, you need to pack them into the box tightly. Fill the box OVERFULL with peanuts and then close the lid- The lid should be difficult to close because of the packing material. FOrce the lid closed and tape it shut. Now Pick up the box and shake it - HARD!! If you hear/ Feel the radio moving around, you need to add more packing material. The radio should not move at all in the box.

DO NOT ship your radio in a box that the radio barely fits in! I receive alot of radios Packed into a Medium sized Flat Rate USPS box and barely any packing material. These radios usually arrive with the volume and tuning shafts severely bent or broken off.

If You do NOT pack your radio safely and it arrives to our shop with the Volume shaft, tuning shaft or BOTH damaged or broken, you will be charged an additional $50.00. If you dont agree with the charge, Your radio will be shipped back to you and you will be charged for return shipping. I am sorry to have to do this, but parts for these radios are becoming increasingly rare and hard to get. Help us to provide a top notch service for ALL of our cutomers by packing your radio safely.